-Starting today, over 200 rings are 50% off retail.

-All loose diamonds are 20% off retail.

-We didn't raise the prices first

-Our stellar free customer care and trade-up programs still apply.

-The event won't include gent's rings, customs, or pieces built here, but the small selection of in-stock bridal pieces not in the main sale will still be discounted.


We've committed the last 24 years to finding bridal designers with uncompromising quality, respected names, and recognizable styles. That higher quality and name brands have always come with a little higher price tag, but over the last few years it's become more and more noticeable.

At the same time, as our custom design team has grown, and our manufacturing abilities have evolved, we've been able to build higher quality pieces at tremendously reduced costs.

We realized that we're building pieces nicer than what we can buy from our vendors, and for much lower prices at that.

We want to get to a point where all of our bridal jewelry is locally made. That means made in the USA, in Texas, right here in the store. In order to do that, we need to make room.

So we were going to lower all of our in-stock designer brands to fair prices, but we decided fair wasn't good enough. Starting today, over 200 awesome brand name engagement rings and wedding bands are 50% off. To sweeten the deal, we're discounting the rest of our in-stock bridal too, and we're taking 20% off of all our loose diamonds.

We didn't raise the prices before we lowered them. We didn't bring in cheaper merchandise. We aren't waiving our free sizing, setting, etc. This is a deal that's actually, legitimately, a deal. You could easily walk away paying less than we did for your engagement ring, and you know what?

We'd love it if you do.

We aren't putting an end date on the sale just yet, but when a piece sells, it won't be replaced with the same thing so if you fall in love, act fast.