Jewelry care starts from the day you acquire your precious item. With the everyday normal wear, it is important to take precautions in assuring that your jewelry remains beautiful like the day it was bought. Below are some basic tips on maintaining your jewelry.


When it comes to polishing your jewelry, be sure to use a cloth that is real fine in material to prevent scratches. It is important to avoid tissues and paper towels. There are special cloths you can buy specifically made for polishing jewelry and is highly recommended.

Avoid using soaps and water to clean your jewelry as they can tarnish the jewelry making them appear dull. Water can cause discoloration to your jewelry. If you must use water, warm water is best. If you need a solution to clean your jewelry, you can purchase jewelry detergents or use rubbing alcohol. Avoid using bleach since it can seriously damage your jewelry. If your jewelry is damage, do not clean it until it has been repaired to prevent further damage.

Like your car or health, preventative maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your jewelry looks like the day you bought it.


When you are performing any kind of physical task, it is wise to remove your jewelry to prevent unnecessary damage or loss of your jewelry. Avoid wearing jewelry when performing tasks that require you to work with chemicals or dirt. Do not wear your jewelry while swimming as chlorinated water can damage the jewelry.

A common mistake that should be avoided is wearing your jewelry when applying makeup or styling your hair. The powders and chemicals in the products used can damage the jewelry over time.


If your jewelry is in need of repair, be sure to look for reputable jewelers with a history of good experience in jewelry repair. Before you have your jewelry repaired, take note of the description of the repair and the current condition of your jewelry. This will help you understand the procedure and ensure that your jewelry is repaired the right way. After your jewelry has been repaired, be sure to inspect the piece for anything that may have been damaged in the repair. Check for loose diamonds, fractures, or bent prongs. If you must, ask for a magnification glass to help you inspect it. Do not sign any releases after you have inspected your jewelry.


The more you know about jewelry, the more confident you'll feel about choosing and buying the right pieces. Above, we've provided some basic information about the gemstones and the metals that come together to create your favorite jewelry.