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Custom diamond ring
Custom diamond and sapphire ring
Custom green zoisite ring

Do I need an appointment?

No. Our designer and jewelers are on site, full time. Anyone at Torin Bales can talk to you about what you're looking for, or you can even e-mail us and get started from the comfort of home.

What does it cost?

It depends on your project. We believe custom shouldn't have a crazy premium, and always strive to work within your budget whether that's a few hundred or a few hundred thousand. A typical white, yellow, or rose gold engagement ring with diamond accents usually falls in the $1000-$3000 range, plus your center stone.

How long does it take?

Designs are generally sent out in a matter of days, and once approved the custom itself typically takes about two to three weeks. Jobs can take more or less time depending on the complexity of the piece, and the current work load - so we'll always discuss time with you up front before beginning.

Meet the Designer

Jake Fox

Jake Fox, our computer aided design specialist, has been doing custom jewelry design for over a decade professionally, but he’s been around jewelry his entire life. His parents met working in a jewelry store in Texas, and his father has managed a fine jewelry store for nearly 30 years.

Jake’s philosophy is that creating a custom design should be fun and flexible.  Custom design doesn’t have to be expensive or take months to do, in fact doing the design process on a computer allows us to quickly create hyper-realistic images and 3D models for clients. Whatever your budget, whether you're spending under $1000 or in the hundreds of thousands, we are honored to build you something beautiful and unique that will be worn for generations to come.

Jake has worked on a variety of interesting pieces from elegant solitaires to a diamond encrusted revolver.

The most important thing to Jake when working with a customer is that they leave happy. He says, “Call me by my first name, talk to me about what you’re looking for and we’ll find a way to make it happen.”

Why Custom?

Update Your Collection

Even small changes can make a big difference. We remade this ring in an updated style with a tapered bottom and rounded edges for a more comfortable fit, and secure prongs in supple 18k gold for a timeless look.

Or we can take your unworn jewelry and turn it into something new, fun, and fresh. This impressive two-stone ring started life as three pieces collecting dust in a drawer and became a daily wear!

Any Look for Any Budget

This customer had found a similar ring online, but wanted a few things changed. We built this one-of-a-kind custom piece to their specifications, increased the diamond weight by 20% over what they had seen elsewhere, and still managed to cut the price almost in half.

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We’re extremely proud to be an American Gem Society Certified store. Only about 5% of the entire jewelry industry has met AGS standards, which test not only for training and product knowledge but also administer a strict ethics test - something we take very seriously.