Signature Pieces

Texas Made

Mikimoto Pearls were born on Ojima Island, Japan. John Hardy is hand crafted in Bali, Indonesia. We believe beautifully crafted fine jewelry can come from anywhere - but there's still something special about being able to say a piece is 100% American, even Texas made.

That's why our Signature Pieces Collection is designed, set, and finished in-house by our own jewelers. That means the men and women working on your jewelry are living in your community. We eat in the same restaurants, we shop in the same stores, and we don’t want to let anything leave our shop that we aren’t proud of.


Every single diamond in every single piece of jewelry that we make has been individually graded. We’re not kidding. Our responsibly sourced diamonds are hand selected to ensure that each is near colorless with no visible inclusions to the naked eye. Every round diamond is an ideal cut - meaning even the tiniest diamond in your ring has 58 unique facets, carefully cut to exact specifications to deliver the most fire and brilliance possible. To ensure quality, we set every diamond by hand here in the store, and then check over our work under 10-100x magnification.

It’s not just the stone setting that is done by hand. Every piece we build is hand tooled and hand polished. Most special finishes are hand applied, and on occasion we even hand engrave. We treat your jewelry like we treat our jewelry because the result is something that truly stands apart from the crowd.

Fully Customizable

Our Signature Pieces are in the case and looking for a good home, but with every piece designed in-house we can also re-design every piece to suit your needs. Want a different diamond size, a different metal color? Looking for a more vintage style, or wanting to incorporate grandma's diamonds into the band? No problem!

Come in any day of the week and you can sit down with one of our designers and discuss building a ring just for you. There's no consultation fees, and you don't need an appointment.

Amazingly Affordable

If you're thinking all of this adds up to extra expense, prepare to be blown away. By taking the creation process in-house, Torin Bales Fine Jewelry is able to offer our meticulously crafted Texas made Signature Pieces at an unbeatable value. Our Signature Pieces are able to work with any budget, with solid gold diamond wedding bands starting at $585 or below.